New for 2015: 50 Mile Course Option!

Lake Ontario Swim Course Map
Lake Ontario Bike Course Map
Lake Ontario Run Course Map

The Lake Ontario Swim

1 MILE (50 Mile athletes will swim .5 miles)


The Course:

The course will be a simple two buoy course. Triathletes will execute a beach start on a smooth pebble bottom with a gradual slope. Swimmers will swim out a short distance and turn ninety degrees around the first buoy, then swim parallel to shore to the second buoy, one-half mile away. Swimmers will round the second buoy and return the entry point on the beach to complete their one mile swim leg.

The direction of the course (east to west) will be determined by the direction of the surface current on the morning of the event. For maximum safety, swimmers will swim against the current for the first half-mile. In this manner, swimmers will benefit from the current on the return portion of their swim.

Swim Contingency:

Safety is priority number one at the Great Lakes 100 Mile Triathlon. The race directors reserve the right to cancel the swim in the event of any of the following occurrences: Lake Ontario Swim Course Map

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The Lake Ontario Bike

84 MILES (50 Mile athletes will bike only one 42 mile loop)

Eighty four miles of cycling bliss. You'll experience the tranquility and peacefulness of pure New York State countryside in Autumn. As you depart Camp Kenan, your bike route will quickly turn southward, away from Lake Ontario through apple and cherry orchards, past Quaker farms and into small-town, America. The vast majority of the 42 mile loop boasts smooth asphalt road surfaces and flat topography.

About fifteen miles into the loop, a mild climb takes you to the top of the Niagara Escarpment and treats you to a quick roller coaster descent as you pass through the city of Lockport, NY and cross the historic Erie Canal which runs 363 miles from Albany to Buffalo, NY.

Another dozen or so miles down the road, you'll head north once again through the countryside until you reach your old friend, Lake O'. Your ride along the lakeshore will feature a high bridge crossing over 18 Mile Creek, a tributary to Lake Ontario, with a classic view of Olcott harbor and a handful of Niagara wineries...perfect spots for your family and supporters to taste the region's vine while awaiting their chance to cheer you on.

Aid stations will be located approximately every ten miles along the bike course, offering water, sports drink and gels provided by HAMMER Nutrition.

You'll enjoy this course so much, we're going to let you do it twice before you head off on your run.

Lake Ontario Bike Course Map

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The Lake Ontario Run

15 MILES (50 Mile athletes will run 7.5 miles)

The highlight of your 15 mile run will be the "Thirty Mile Point" lighthouse in Golden Hill State Park. Thirty miles east of the mouth of the Niagara River, Lake Ontario's main tributary, the point is the northernmost point on Lake Ontario's southern shore. The Thirty Mile Point lighthouse was constructed in 1875 after at least four ships were sunk by the shallow reef near this point including one ship belonging to the French explorer LaSalle in 1678. The most tragic loss appears to be the schooner H.M.S. Ontario which set sail from Fort Niagara on Halloween of 1780 carrying 88 passengers and $15,000 in gold and silver. The Ontario ran aground on the reef off Thirty Mile Point in blizzard conditions. There were no survivors.

The lighthouse was restored and refurbished in 1995 to spectacular condition and stands as an operational beacon for ships sailing Lake Ontario as well as an historically significant tour destination for Great Lakes enthusiasts and history buffs. For you, it will be a land mark of the final leg of your 100 Mile Triathlon and another opportunity to savor the beauty of Western New York in early Autumn.

The remainder of the run course is mostly flat with a few gently rolling hills through orchards, farm land and past lake front homes along the southern shore of the majestic Lake Ontario. The run course also features a very short trail section as you pass through Golden Hill State Park. Aid stations will provide water, sports drink, gel and bananas every 1 mile on the run course. Sports drink and gels provided by HAMMER Nutrition.

Lake Ontario Run Course Map

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The Lake Ontario Duathlon

100 Mile Duathlon: 1 MILE TRAIL RUN, 84 MILE BIKE, 15 MILE ROAD RUN

50 Mile Duathlon: .5 MILE TRAIL RUN, 42 MILE BIKE, 7.5 MILE ROAD RUN

Land lovers are welcome with open arms to the Great Lakes 100 Mile Duathlon division. Simply check the duathlon box on the registration page and pack your trail shoes. You'll enjoy a one mile wooded trail run on the grounds of Camp Kenan before mounting your two wheeled steed and heading off with the rest of the 100 Mile Triathlon field for your 84 mile bike tour of the Niagara Wine Region. You will also be treated to the 15 mile run along Lake Ontario's south shore and a visit to the lighthouse at "30 Mile Point" before you return to your cozy cabin at Camp Kenan with a finisher medal in hand.

Swim Contingency Plan

In the unlikely event that the swim leg is unable to be executed for safety concerns, all athletes will be directed to the 100 Mile Duathlon course.

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1-mile swim, 84-mile bike, 15-mile run

"We're suckers for unconventional distances and creative swag, and the new Great Lakes 100-Mile Triathlon has both. The 1-mile swim is an out and back in Lake Ontario, the two loop bike winds through the Great Lakes Wine Region, and the run passes by apple orchards and corn fields with a turnaround point at a lighthouse. Organizers decided to skip the T-shirts; instead, athletes receive a merino wool long-sleeve jersey. (The first 100 registrants also get a jar of almond butter!)"

- Triathlete Magazine


50 Mile Course Option

2015 participants will have the option to race 1/2 of the 100 Mile Triathlon or Duathlon course at a reduced entry fee and receive the same high quality race gift and finisher medal!

2nd Annual Lake Ontario 100 Mile Triathlon & Duathlon Winners - October 5, 2013

Dan Pierce & Keri Stanovitch posted the fastest Men's & Women's times, finishing in 5:44:58 and 6:22:36, respectively. Each winner earned a 1st Place trophy stein in addition to their custom medal and finisher gifts. Dan Pierce became the first athlete in history to earn the 200 Mile Triathlon Series buckle.

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